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Wellbeing Works

In 100 days towards an energetic workplace

In 100 days towards an energetic workplace

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Healthier and more productive employees? This is the integral well-being programme for your company. The Small package applies to 1 to 25 participants. Fitness is not just physical. Just like motivation is not only mental. That's why we tackle all aspects of health in 100 days. With monthly interactive sessions, weekly videos and assignments and an inspiring activation campaign, we keep everyone motivated from start to finish. Would you like to apply for this program with the workability cheque? You can subsidise this programme for 60% by the workability cheque: So you only pay € 50 p.p. excl. VAT. How to submit the application? After purchase, B-Tonic will contact you and help you redeem this € 75 p.p. excl. VAT grant from the Flemish Government.
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