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Healthy food & exercise

Healthy food & exercise

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Fancy an energetic and healthy life by eating better and exercising more? This programme is 100% committed to behavioural change, so you can easily maintain your new eating and exercise pattern in the long term. √ Completely online and flexible √ Accessible and fun √ Renowned coaches √ Long-term result

What to expect: Age test: Find out how your lifestyle affects your biological age. This test is quite often an eye opener for participants. In order to be able to measure your progress, the test will be taken again at the end of the programme. Inspiring magazine: In the Healthy Food and Exercise magazine you'll find 60 pages full of tips & tricks about exercise, sleep and resilience. We naturally pay attention to healthy food as well. The power of physical energy: Physical energy consists of exercise, physical activity and recovery, as well as a balanced diet and plenty of sleep. In two videos, Aline Fobe shows you the benefits of physical activity and how you can incorporate this into your daily (busy) professional life. Additionally, we offer 'core stability' exercises at three levels, supplemented with stretching and strength exercises. Emo eating and intuitive eating: Emotions, habits, situations and other underlying factors often have a major influence on our eating behavior. A whopping 70% of people experience emo eating at some point. Sarah Braet teaches you to listen to your body's signals in two videos, because intuitive eating is based on principles that you can use to restore your relationship with food. Healthy recipe booklet: Are you looking for inspiration to cook tasty and healthy meals? Let us treat you to 30 tasty recipes that will immediately put you on the right track. Bon appétit! Fit desk sessions: Targeted movements can redistribute stress optimally and reduce the risk of injuries. Peter Duyck gives five exercise sessions that focus on different parts of your body. They are always practical and feasible exercises that you can integrate during the day to counteract the adverse effects of desk work.
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