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Energy Boost Challenge 2023

Energy Boost Challenge 2023

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Innovative entrepreneurship with impact The groundbreaking journey in the Italian Alps for true leaders This is a 5-day inspirational and experience route at Mont Blanc, from June 25th to June 29th, 2023. Meet impact entrepreneur Stefaan Vandist, innovation consultant on foresight and sustainability. Author of, among others, Pretopia and 'Me, Myself & AI'. And meet People Sustainability pioneer Siviglia Berto, managing director of B-Tonic. If you want to experience the unique ecosystem of Mont Blanc and find inspiration on the best practices to emphasise positive impact as an entrepreneur, this active inspiration trip is absolutely for you. This sustainable experience is designed to help you discover the power of positive impact and innovation. Take a step out of your daily routine to think outside the box. To literally step out of your everyday comfort zone. To take a step back and look at your business with an open and critical eye. All this in an engaging and inspiring location, around the Mont Blanc, the third most visited natural area in the world with an important eco-system. Target audience: Company leaders, entrepreneurs and middle-managers of larger companies looking to focus on sustainability, innovation, well-being and looking for inspiration. Connect with the mountains, nature and a limited group of like-minded entrepreneurs.
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