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Re-boost your mental energy

Re-boost your mental energy

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Boost your mental power to better face the daily challenges. This programme provides the right mindset for a happy life. √ Completely online and flexible √ Accessible and impactful √ Renowned coaches √ Long-term result Cost: € 35 What to expect: Age test: Find out how your lifestyle affects your biological age. This test is quite often an eye opener for participants. In order to be able to measure your progress, the test will be taken again at the end of the programme. The mental reset: During this series of four videos, Elke Geraerts demonstrates the importance of prioritising our brain in order to achieve an open mindset and to be able to put things into perspective. After all, people with a growth mindset perform better, are happier and more independent. Healthy recovery: Aïsha Cortoos zooms in on the science of performance and fatigue during four videos. You will receive practical and easy-to-apply strategies to improve your stress resistance, resilience and, consequently, performance. Fit desk sessions: Targeted movements can redistribute stress optimally and reduce the risk of injuries. Peter Duyck gives five exercise sessions that focus on different parts of your body. They are always practical and feasible exercises that you can integrate during the day to counteract the adverse effects of desk work.
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